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On this page, I include studies that you can purchase. Each study is priced separately but if you contact me I can let you know the price including postage and the price for buying more than one study or for a number of copies. Each study has a detailed description of how to create the piece and comes with a line drawing to help you get started. 

If you want to buy a study just click on the picture and send me an email. Alternatively click here and send an email I will get right back to you with a full price including postage.

The studies are divided in three groups
1. Impressionistic Flowers
2. Impressionistic Floowers with Birds and Insects
3. Endangered Species

Group 1: Flowers in the Impressionistic Style


1. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers to paint. Their soft lines and papery petals lend themselves very well to the impressionistic style. The plate shown here is my Pink poppy with limited palette. The study is on five pages including a line drawing and costs £4.00 or £3.50 if I am doing a seminar.

Watch me paint it on YouTube.  After stage 1 below, just search for me on You Tube and see stages 1-5 - hope you enjoy it. Thank you Christine Bennetts for the filming and saving to You Tube


2. Iris in Water with Dark Background and Modern Techniques. I grow lots of Irises in my garden. I particularly love the big blue one with their frilly papery petals and gorgeous yellow pollen make them such a luxurious plant. The dark background shows off the plants beautifully in their favourite position at the edge of a pond. The study is on 6 pages including a line drawing and costs £4.50 - £4.00 if I am doing a seminar for you.



3. A poppy Vase. This is one of my origial poppy studies. On the vase a deep red poppy really makes a dramatic display. The study is on three pages and costs £3.50 - £3.00 if I am teaching it for you at a seminar. The study is on four pages including a line drawing


4. Stargazer Lily with Mimosa is a wonderfully refreshing approach to painting in the Impressionistic method. I loved the way it was possible to reflect the graceful curves of the Flower in the background. Its a three page study so costs £3.50 : £3.00 for students in a class. The study is on 5 pages including a line drawing


5. The Impressionistic Hydrangea is such beautiful flower, blowsey with multi-blossom. They are a wonderful late summer flower turning to gorgeous autumn shades which I have tried to capture in this study. Its a fairly early study of mine and is on two pages so I'm selling it for £3.00 - £2.50 to students in a class.. The study is on three pages including a line drawing 


6. All peonies are rich in beauty, but tree peonies are almost wonderfully exotic. The sight of a mature tree, six or seven feet tall, covered with large blowsy pink blooms is a head turning experience. Originally grown in China, where they symbolise wealth, good fortune and happiness, they are now cultivated around the world. The Study costs £4.50 - £4.00 for students if I am teaching at a seminar. The study is on 5 pages including a line drawing

Group2: Impressionistic Flowers with Birds and Insects. Our beautiful flowers depend on Insects and birds for pollination so it seems so natural to combine them in my studies


1. Impressionistic Iris in Water with Mayfly. This is another Iris Study with a beautiful Mayfly which come in their hundreds and thousands to my garden in May. They are such a delicate creature with their forked tails; they fill the air with their translucent wings. The study is on four pages and costs £3.50 - £3.00 when I do a seminar for you. The study is on 5 pages including a line drawing


2. Pink Cattleya Orchid and Humming Bird with Modern Techniques. I found this such a beautiful study to paint and teach. It combines my love of flowers and my love of birds. Together they are just sensational you can almost imagine the wild forests they come from - it makes me sad that we are all endangering their habitat. Its a big study on Five pages because of the double subject so it costs £4.50 and £4.00 if I am teaching it in a seminar. The study is on 5 pages including a line drawing


3. The Bling Orchid is a modernistic version of the Orchid above with many modern techniques. This brings a new dimension to the piece and gives a shimmer you might get as sunlight penetrates the canopy. Again its a long studt so the cost is £4.50 or £4.00 for the students if I'm teaching it. The study is on 5 pages including a line drawing

Group 3: Endangered Species

For many years now, I like many of us have become saddened by the plight of so many animals in our world. The diversity of species is the greatest guarantee of our own survival - we must do all we can to protect the habitat of all the creatures we share this planet with. There will be more studies of threatened species so watch this space.


1. The Call of the wild. In studying wolves I became fascinated by them because it they have been persecuted through the ages just doing what is natural to them. We learned too late in the UK that we need to share this planet with all creatures if we are to survive. I have grown to love the wolf as I love their modern evolution the dog. This is a long study taking up 7 pages including a line dtrawing. The cost is £5.00 - £4.50 to the students if I am teach in a seminar.


2. The Snowy Egret is truly a beautiful creature. Once driven to the edge of extinction because ladies hat manufacturers craved their plumage. Thankfully they now have a rosier future but I include them in this section as a warning that we should not exploit nature to the point of extinction. With only a little poetic licence I have painted this egret with my favourite tree - The Jacaranda. This is another long study covering 5 pages with a line drawing. It costs £5.00 - £4.00 if i am teaching it.  


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